My brother Kirk (aka Rocky) and I shared a special bond and I miss him every day; Organ donation saved his life…and cancer – took it. Rocky and I were 13 months apart—and we did everything together. We swapped clothes, shared a room with bunk beds, played cowboys and Indians, of course we played army in the woods, ripped it up on our bikes, played football, boxed (he popped me in the nose within 5 minutes of getting boxing gloves for Christmas). As we got older, we continued to play together running cross country, hiking, mountain biking, even flying kites. I tagged him with that nickname Rocky, in fact, some of you in Boulder only knew him as Rocky.  Rocky certainly always lived up to his nickname by being such a fighter all his life. If he had your back – He had your back.   

I was honored with the privilege of giving Rocky a kidney on February 17, 2006 and we chose to celebrate that anniversary by holding a fundraiser every year at the Walnut Café’s in Boulder to continue focus for organ donation and the importance to be a donor.

Rocky spent quite a bit of time in Boulder where we recovered together from the surgery and he made great friends with everyone.  Organ Donation was not a subject he was private or quiet about, he would show up with the staff in his t-shirt that read your kidney or your cash and went table to table and shared his experience; in fact, I know that he has saved lives speaking to organ donation. 
We shared so much together laughter, tears and kidneys… Siblings share a lifetime partnership because you share your whole lives together. I really feel that way about Rocky. I admired and respected how he lived life so courageously; with a great quiet strength through all his challenges.  

I can hardly even begin to address the richness our experience added to my life and how much it meant to me that I could help make his body stronger. Even greater and what gives me the most joy is how grateful and passionately he lived each day like the gift it was.

He is still showing us love because sometimes I now know -- your heart has to be broken to open up to share more love.  This foundation was created because I had to do something with that broken heart. We chose to honor all of those things he was most passionate about. My special thanks to my wife Xanthe and my family for helping with all that it takes to keep this Foundation going and of course to all of you that keep his legacy alive.
Live Love,
Dana D. 
New Specialized bikes delivered to Pueblo Boys & Girls club and this is the enuguration ride with Dana & Gena with the kids
Much gratutude from our family for your commitment to his legacy. Donate life and be an organ donor - one donor can save 8 lives. Please talk to your family about organ donation.